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Amethyst- February’s birthstone! What are Amethyst’s Crystal Properties?

February’s birthstone is Amethyst! Amethyst is a beautiful vibrant colour. Like all my raw stone jewellery, each Amethyst stone is unique in colour, shape and size. Which is great as you get a piece of jewellery that is unique. Amethyst is not only a great choice for anyone who is born in February it also has a lot of healing properties.

Amethyst This is a quartz crystal and the colours range from deep purple to pale lilac and white. It is known as the Master crystal due to its ability to be an all-round healing crystal. Physically it is said to help people who experience migraine and reduces   hyperactivity in children. It is particularly helpful in quitting smoking and reducing other addictive behaviors and is known as a natural calmer to anyone in its vicinity, so great for people who experience anxiety. It can relieve insomnia. It also prevents over-indulgence.  It helps boost the reproduction of hormones as well as supporting the oxygenation of the blood. It is also a stone that is helpful in the treatment of arthritis when used as an elixir. It also brings one back to balance especially if highly stressed and  experiencing tension headaches. Amethyst is connected to the brow chakra or ‘third eye’ where we strengthen and use our intuition and it is also associated with the Crown chakra where we strengthen our connection to the Divine. It is known as being a highly ‘spiritual’ stone as it helps to inspire while someone is in a meditative state and creates protection around the wearer as they go about their spiritual development, helping increase wisdom and understanding as well as helping to expand the mind to  enhance imagination. It is a stone that brings passion and duty together in balance and harmony and amplifies the Divine Universal Life Force. It is said that it is the stone to be placed in a ring as it denotes fidelity in love, and it can also call back a lost love. It has also been used as an amulet and talisman due to it protecting the wearer and enabling them to have their wits about them in business dealings. Historically it was used as the stone of protection against witchcraft and evil. Amethyst helps those who are in sales or who negotiate as it calms and soothes helping to bring together spiritual intuitive insights with intellectual reasoning. It is said that Amethyst can absorb and regenerate other stones so you can place your crystals on an amethyst to cleanse and recharge them. It is known as an amplifier crystal, so it boosts the energy around it and that of other crystals around it.

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of Amethyst jewellery my range at Koko jewellery has something to suit everyone. One of my most popular items being adjustable rings, which are great if you are buying a gift and are unsure of the size. As each raw stone is unique if you wish to choose your stone just contact me and I will send you photos of what I have in stock in your size.

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Sophie x