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Garnet January’s birthstone! What are the healing properties of Garnet?

January’s birthstone is Garnet. A beautiful type of silicate which varies in colour ranging from deep ruby red, to purple-red, red-black, and brown red. Each Koko raw stone is unique and varies in colour making each stone a unique and special gift. A great gift for anyone born in January! Like all my gemstones  Garnet is associated with a lot of healing properties….

garnet raw stone ring

What are Garnets Healing Properties?

Garnet is often associated with the blood and helps with pain around childbirth menstruation, wounds, helps create blood clots to encourage wounds to heal quickly, purifies and balances blood disorders, DNA, prevents colds, flu, hemophilia and balances libido. It is also thought to help with cellular structure, treats disorders of the spine, bones, purifies the blood and removes toxins, boosts energy levels, particularly if the wearer is tired and physically depleted. It can help the wearer absorb minerals and vitamins effectively. 

It is a stone that cleanses as it purifies, brings passion, sensuality and love to the wearer. It is also known to help those recently bereaved as it activates and strengthens courage, hope and brings self confidence to the wearer. It’s also used in Feng Shui as a cleanser and protector. 

Garnet is known as a cleanser and an all -round energiser of the Chakras, associated specifically with the root (base) Chakra and the heart. 

It’s great to wear to protect against ‘energy vampires’ those that steal your time. 

Emotionally it helps anger to flow out of the body constructively rather than stay in the body and turn inwards therefore supporting the wearer to avoid stress inducing or stress related conditions. It is also used to treat depression and uplifts the wearer to see challenges rather than crises. 

Garnet balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony, removing inhibitions and taboos. 

It enables the heart to open fully and is a stone of commitment that represents love and enhances sexuality, trust, sincerity and honesty in a relationship. 

It is steeped in folklore where its known as having strong curative powers, grounds the body and enables it to experience the ‘human’ experience and represents creation and order out of chaos and love.

It is known as a sacred stone and used throughout cultures from early Egyptians to Native American Indians, African tribal leaders, South American Indians to name a few and it is suggested that the wearer of the stone could be protected from their wounds but that a garnet can create a wound that would be deadly. It was therefore used in spears, and later in bullets. 

It amplifies other stones around it. 

Looking for a piece of Garnet Jewellery?

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of Garnet jewellery my range at Koko jewellery has something to suit everyone. One of my most popular items being small and medium stone rings. As each raw stone is unique if you wish to choose your stone just contact me and I will send you photos of what I have in stock in your size.

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Leave me a comment if you are a Garnet lover! Feel free to share this blog with other Raw stone lovers. Or perhaps hint if your birthday is in January.

If you are interested in finding out more about how garnet relates to your emotions go visit Lana Morris.

Sophie x

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