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Moonstone June’s Birthstone! What are Moonstone’s healing properties?

Moonstone ring
Moonstone Raw Gemstone ring

June’s birthstone is Moonstone! Always a popular choice, as it is such a neutral stone that picks up the colours you’re wearing. Each Koko raw stone is unique and varies in colour making each stone a unique and special gift. A great gift for anyone born in June! Like all my gemstones has a lot of healing properties….

What are Moonstone’s Healing Properties?

Moonstone is a type of feldspar crystal and is white in colour though this ranges from cloudy to shimmery and can have a slightly yellow, brown or blue/grey tinge. There are several types of moonstone including rainbow, cat’s eye, and grey. Physically it is believed to help improve digestion and eliminates toxins, and is used to prevent epilepsy, kidney or gallstones, resolve problems with the ovaries, or womb and is known as the fertility crystal- it also protects women in conception, pregnancy and childbirth as well as breast-feeding. 

It is said to protect travellers who travel at night or over the sea. It also helps with jet lag and protects against road rage. It protects ‘secret’ love, new love and increases passion. Emotionally it encourages calm balance in situations that are fraught with tension as it promotes inner growth and strength.

It is a stone that soothes, calms and increases intuition, inspiration and helps the wearer to open up emotionally. It provides good fortune in love and business. Moonstone is often seen as the mystery stone as it has the power to veil our own hidden truths, It is only when we embrace it’s reflected light can we begin to explore  our ‘shadow’ side and help us with our ‘inner work’. It is a journey stone that helps us go within ourselves to retrieve any parts that are missing, especially helpful if we feel lost- moonstone can reflect that which needs to be brought to light. It is especially helpful to shift workers in balancing the light and dark and the natural ebb and flow of biorhythms and shows the wearer how the tides and moon is the heartbeat of Mother Earth and how we live in the natural cycles of life.

It is especially helpful for children to soothe them when they are sleeping in an unfamiliar bed or room. Moonstone has a long history being used in jewellery starting in Roman times and is a sacred stone in India. It is a stone known as being uplifting, gentle, and meditative whilst offering the wearer clarity of intuition or inner vision and balancing of masculine and feminine energies.  Used by Shamans in Dream work, it helps the wearer feel nurtured, accept love and provides comfort. It also assists self acceptance, and promotes sensitivity. It highlights intuition and helps the wearer demonstrate gentleness and nurturing, dispelling any negativity and supports the body in balancing the physical, emotional  and intellectual bodies.

Looking for a piece of Moonstone Jewellery?

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of Moonstone jewellery my range at Koko jewellery has something to suit everyone. One of my most popular items being small and medium stone rings. As each raw stone is unique if you wish to choose your stone just contact me and I will send you photos of what I have in stock in your size.

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Sophie x

If you are interested in finding out more about how the colour Moonstone relates to your emotions go visit Lana Morris.